Working with Joy kept me focused by prioritizing what the best next steps to take to grow my business. By writing down a list of what needed to be done next, and following up every week making sure it was completed, she brought out talents in me that I did not know I had. She supported me in business and in health by collaborating on effective strategies which created a better life style for me and my family. It has been a "Joy" working with her; she is true to her name.

C. Shabazz, The Harlem Pie Man

Having Joy Passey as my life coach was a wonderful and life-changing experience. I was able to determine what I wanted and how to pursue it. By listing and knowing my goals, I was able to transform my life. I found the life partner I wanted by having the knowledge of the qualities I was seeking and by being able to recognize when the right person finally appeared. I also was able to guide my family members to find their way as well, both a son and daughter who were making early decisions about careers and where to live. I am so happy that Joy helped me get through a rough period to a much better place.

C.B. Williamson, CPA, MBA – C.W., Financial Entrepreneur

I would strongly recommend Joy for her transformative coaching skills. She didn’t coach me just on my goals, but she helped me connect with my values and create a meaningful, purposeful life professionally and personally. With Joy’s support, I found the confident voice in myself, which allowed me to move forward and challenge myself. I was able to hold myself accountable for what I wanted to accomplish. Joy supported me throughout my journey, and I will always be grateful to her for believing in me and being such a valuable resource. 

M. Toro, IT Specialist

Working with Joy is simply amazing! I adore her coaching style, which is warm, collaborative, creative and relaxed. She is also very personable and makes you feel right at home. She puts in a lot time and is always willing to go that extra mile for her clients. You truly feel the support, empowerment and encouragement in each and every session! Joy is a true partner in every sense of the word and her awareness is astounding! I am always amazed at how she can pick up on the slightest things which allows us to get straight to the core of my wants, fears, needs, and goals. I learned a lot from working with Joy both personally and professionally. Personally I have learned to broaden my perspective in many different areas including work, relationships, personal time, etc. Professionally, I have learned that the endless support and motivation that a coach provides to their client is key in building a strong relationship of trust and respect. Going the extra step of checking in or a simple follow up to make sure your client never feels alone is a tremendous attribute. My life, work, and business have all changed for the better while working with Joy. I have learned how to communicate better with my spouse. I have learned the importance of scheduling self-care and how that can affect so many other areas in my life. In regards to my business, I have have been able to expand my original business plan as well as work out a strategic way to free up more time for the launch of my coaching practice and programs. Simply put, Joy is a phenomenal coach and I feel lucky that our paths were able to cross! Any client looking for a coach will find everything they require and more when they work with Joy.

K. Banks – Advertising/Media Producer

During our coaching sessions, Joy keeps me focused on what I want to work on, gently reining me in when I go into story mode.  Her calming positive energy, wisdom, intuition and care combine to create a safe space for her clients to grow and flourish.

Joy’s coaching style is collaborative and she coaches slowly but deeply, knowing when to probe and when to move on.

By asking powerful questions and clarifying my responses, Joy helped me get clear on several dilemmas I had and reach heightened levels of self-awareness.  I was then able to strategize and create viable solutions.

E.G. - Transitioning from Finance to Coaching

Joy's coaching style is intuitive, supportive and inquisitive. Her acute listening skills and intuition draw on the essence of the coaching session by actively engaging her curiosity to explore with you. If you'd like to become a more confident coach with a greater connection to your coaching clients, Joy will help you explore what differentiates you through personal learnings and tools. I highly recommend Joy as a coach!

S. Nelson - Business and Life Coach

Before I worked with Joy, I had dealt with a long history of fear in one particular area of my life. I found this fear was stunting my growth, as it kept me away from situations in which I could enjoy people and places. It was really holding me back. I made a commitment to change this and Joy helped me work through it with compassion and dedication. I appreciated her guidance along the way. I think because Joy believed in me, it helped me believe in myself, too. She also worked with me in a very concrete way around things I can address to combat my fear. Over just six sessions I made great strides, most notably was that I did not give up! Thanks, Joy!

T. Genovese - Body and Food Relationship Expert 

Joy is a fun coach to work with. You will have a good sense that she is with you in whatever you want to explore and for you. I highly recommend working with Joy!

B. Niemeyer – Non-profit

Joy Passey listens to your concerns and gets to the core of the issue through her attention to detail and quick processing. Then she helps you prioritize and achieve your goals. As an entrepreneur, I gained valuable information and insights on how to improve my marketing and implement change. I highly recommend Joy.

I. Caniano, 20 Something Productivity / Transition Coach

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