Where is lovie smith coaching

What college does Lovie Smith coach?

Университет Талса Биг Санди Хай Скул

Who is Lovie Smith wife?

Марианн Смит в браке с 1980 г.

How much is Lovie Smith worth?

Lovie Smith Net Worth and salary: Lovie Smith is an American professional football coach who has a net worth of $10 million and annual salary of $5 million . Lovie Smith was born in Gladewater, Texas in May 1958. Smith earned all-state honors as a defensive end and linebacker in high school.

Where is Lovie Smith from?

Глейдуотер, Техас

How old is Lovie Smith?

62 years (May 8, 1958)

What is Lovie Smith’s real first name?

Lovie Lee Smith

Who is University of Illinois football coach?

Lovie Smith

When did Lovie Smith coach the Chicago Bears?