Wheel of life coaching

What is the wheel of life and what does it do?

The wheel of life , also known as the life balance wheel , the coaching wheel or the life wheel , is a visual tool used to assess and understand how balanced your life currently is. Using this tool, you map out the areas of your life on a circle that resembles the spoke of a wheel , which is the reasoning for its name.

What is the wheel of life in coaching?

The Wheel of Life exercise is widely used in coaching and beyond and offers a practical and flexible tool for clients to assess their needs and set goals aligned with their core values. The wheel typically consists of between eight and ten categories essential for a fulfilling life .

How do coaches use the wheel of life?

How to Use the Wheel of Life For each segment ask yourself, “On a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the ideal), how satisfied am I with this area of my life ?” Don’t over-think it, just ‘go with your gut’. Rate each segment until you have a second ‘inner’ wheel . Choose the segment you feel to be most out of balance.

How do you fill out the wheel of life?

Brainstorm Life Areas. Start by brainstorming the six to eight dimensions of your life that are important for you. Write These Down on the Wheel . Write down these dimensions on the diagram, one on each spoke of the life wheel . Assess Each Area. Join up the Marks. Think About Your Ideal Level. Take Action.

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What are the 12 areas of life?

It takes you through 12 key categories that make up your life ; Health and Fitness, your Intellectual Life , your Emotional Life , your Character, your Spiritual Life , your Love Relationships, Parenting, Social Life , Financial, Career, Quality of Life , and Life Vision.

What is a balanced wheel of life?

What is the Wheel of Life ? (also known as: Goal Wheel ) The balance of life wheel is a perfect way to identify which areas in the life of your clients are off balance . It usually consists of 6-8 categories that are important for a satisfying and successful life .

What is Wheel of Life definition?

: the endless series of transmigratory cycles of birth, death, and rebirth especially in Buddhism : the process of samsara resembling a wheel .

What is the karmic wheel?

Everything that took place was the result of the wheel of karma. People, whose karma determined that they face a certain ordeal in life, were destined to do so. Arjuna’s was a mere facilitating role in making sure that the end of his opponents occurred.

What does the wheel of life represent?

The Bhavachakra, the Wheel of Life or Wheel of Becoming, is a mandala – a complex picture representing the Buddhist view of the universe. To Buddhists, existence is a cycle of life , death, rebirth and suffering that they seek to escape altogether.

When was the Wheel of Life invented?


How do you use a balance wheel?

On the self- balance board, the body slightly forward, legs stand up straight, chin up, straight ahead (do not bow to see the electric scooter) with open arms found about equilibrium, Gently press the toes, slowly forward, over and over.

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What are the different areas of life?

8 Different Areas of Life to Improve Relationships. Career and Work. Finances. Health. Contribution. Spirituality. Living Environment. Planning Your Life .

How do you balance your life?

Follow These Six Tips To Bring More Balance Into Your Life Acknowledge and accept that you cannot do everything all the time. You only have so many resources: time, energy, money, etc. Manage yourself, not time. “Add and subtract.” Just say “No” Schedule time for yourself. Live with purpose!

What is the wheel of life in Hinduism?

Chakra means ‘ wheel ‘ in Sanskrit. Although they are invisible to the eye, these wheels of spiritual energy balance the body and the spirit. The chakras store dynamic energy known to the yogis in India as Kundalini, to the Chinese as Ch’i and to the Japanese as Ki.