Osu coaching staff

How much do Ohio State assistant coaches make?

The staff will make just under $8 million combined for the coming season after making just over $7.2 million last year, which ranked third nationally in 2019, according to the USA Today database of assistant coach salaries.

Who will coach Ohio State football in 2019?

Ryan Day

Why did OSU coach quit?

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer is retiring, the school said on Tuesday. Meyer will depart OSU after a season in which he was suspended for three games over his handling of domestic abuse allegations against an assistant coach .

Who is the offensive coordinator for Ohio State?

Kevin Wilson

Who is the highest paid college football coach?

Nick Saban

What is Nick Saban salary?

8.6 million USD

What is Ryan day’s salary?

4.5 million USD

What is Ohio State’s coaches name?

Ryan Day

What is Urban Meyer’s salary?

$7.6 million

Who is the head coach at Ohio State?

Ryan Day

Will urban coach again?

It will be a while before people actually accept the possibility that Urban Meyer won’t coach college football again . He’s been connected to top jobs like USC with persistent rumors since he stepped away from Ohio State. However, he does have some health concerns that high-stress coaching probably doesn’t help.

Does Urban Meyer still coach?

On December 4, 2018, Urban Meyer announced that he would retire from coaching following the team’s Rose Bowl game due to health reasons. It was announced that Ryan Day would take over the head coaching position immediately after the Rose Bowl.

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Is Ryan Day married?

Christina Spirou Day

What nationality is Ryan?


Why did Urban Meyer’s Retire?

Meyer stepped away twice earlier in his career while dealing with health issues at Florida that are similar to the concerns that played a central role in his decision to retire this year. Meyer revealed in October that in 2014 he had surgery on a cyst in his brain that causes stress-related headaches.