Orlando magic coaching staff

Who is number 11 on the Magic?

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No. Player Begin
11 Jacque Vaughn 2002
11 Shammond Williams 2003
11 Andre Barrett 2004
11 Courtney Lee 2008

How much are floor seats for Orlando Magic?

Orlando Magic Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2019-20 Amway Center $60
2018-19 Amway Center $53
2017-18 Amway Center $46
2016-17 Amway Center $45

Who is number 20 on the Orlando Magic?

Markelle Fultz

Who owns the Orlando Magic team?

Orlando Magic
President Jeff Weltman
General manager John Hammond
Head coach Steve Clifford
Ownership RDV Sports, Inc. ( Dan DeVos , chairman)

How much do Orlando Magic players make?


Player Age 2019-20
Nikola Vučević 30 $28,000,000
Aaron Gordon 25 $19,863,636
Evan Fournier 28 $17,000,000

Who is number 4 on Magic?

Arron Afflalo

Do celebrities pay for courtside seats?

Generally speaking, VIPs don’t pay for these seats , Pistore said. But there is a tit-for-tat expected. Number one, those celebrities will have their face broadcast on the scoreboard at some point during the game. And many will also get involved in one of the sideshows.

Are courtside seats worth it?

The biggest advantage of sitting in courtside seats is getting a better view and feel of the game than just about anyone else. You can hear the trash talk between players. You can eavesdrop on what the coaches say in the huddle or chuckle at what they yell at the referees.

Where can I buy courtside seats?

Courtside tickets are available for purchase for millionaires and common folks alike through each NBA team’s ticketing websites as well as through the league’s website at NBATickets.com.

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Who is Orlando Magic’s best player?

1: Shaquille O’Neal . Was there ever any doubt as to who would top the list of greatest players in Magic history? Arguably one of the greatest centers to ever play the game, no one had a greater impact on the franchise than Shaquille O’Neal did during his four seasons in Orlando.

Who is number 5 on the Orlando Magic?

Mo Bamba

Who was Orlando Magic 32?

C.J. Watson

Who is the richest person in Amway?

Richard DeVos

Why did the Magic retired number 6?

As most fans know, no NBA team has retired as many numbers as the Celtics. When they officially honor Paul Pierce on Feb. 7 hanging in honor of New Orleans legend Pete Maravich, and the Orlando Magic have retired No. 6 to honor the fans, aka “The Sixth Man.”

Who are the Orlando Magic rivals?

Orlando Magic

Rival Rival Points Schadenfreude
Miami Heat 38.33 2.33
Boston Celtics 11.25 1.00
Detroit Pistons 8.75 1.50
Los Angeles Lakers 7.92 2.50