Indiana pacers coaching staff

Who is number 11 on the Indiana Pacers?

Domantas Sabonis

Who played for the Indiana Pacers?

Six Hall of Fame players – Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Alex English, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, and George McGinnis – played with the Pacers for multiple seasons.

Indiana Pacers
Conference titles 1 (2000)
Division titles 9 ABA: 3 (1969, 1970, 1971) NBA: 6 (1995, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2013, 2014)

How much does the average NBA assistant coach make?

Toliver, according to the New York Times, is making just $10,000 for a season of work with the Wizards — well below what NBA assistants normally make, which can stretch from around $100,000 to more than $1 million , depending on the experience of the coach.

Who is number 3 on the Indiana Pacers?

Aaron Holiday

Who Wore #4 for the Pacers?

Victor Oladipo

No. 4 – Indiana Pacers
Position Shooting guard / Point guard
League NBA
Personal information
Born May 4, 1992 Silver Spring, Maryland

Who is number 7 on the Pacers?

Malcolm Brogdon

Why Is Indiana the Pacers?

The franchise was founded in 1967 as one of the original members of the ABA, taking the name “ Pacers ” in honour of Indiana being home to the Indianapolis 500 automobile race and the state’s long history of harness racing.

Who are the starters for the Indiana Pacers?

Indiana Pacers Depth Chart

Starter 2nd 3rd
Victor Oladipo Jeremy Lamb DD Aaron Holiday
T.J. Warren Justin Holiday Edmond Sumner
Domantas Sabonis DD Doug McDermott T.J. Warren
Myles Turner Domantas Sabonis DD Goga Bitadze

Why is 529 retired for the Pacers?

The Indiana Pacers retired 529 as a nod to a historically great head coach. That 529 is derived from Leonard’s time as coach of the team. Coaching nearly 1,000 games (985) over 12 years for Indiana, Leonard won 529 of them.

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Who is the lowest paid NBA coach?

Even an average head coach is doing alright. The median stands at around $3.5 million per season. The lowest paid head coach pulls in $2 million. Not bad when you play 82 games a year.

Who is the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA?

Jason Kidd’s contract with the Lakers made him the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA, sources with knowledge of the deal said.

What is Frank Vogel salary?

While his salary with the Lakers has not been revealed, Vogel signed a 4-year, $22 million deal with the Magic in 2016. On the other hand, his salary with the Pacers was around $2 million .

Who wore 99 for the Pacers?

Jermaine O’Neal

Personal information
Points 13,309 (13.2 ppg)
Rebounds 7,261 (7.2 rpg)
Blocks 1,820 (1.8 bpg)
Stats at

Who is number 88 on the Pacers?

Goga Bitadze

Who is number 13 on the Pacers?

Paul George

No. 13 – Los Angeles Clippers
2010–2017 Indiana Pacers
2017–2019 Oklahoma City Thunder
2019–present Los Angeles Clippers
Career highlights and awards