Emcc football coaching staff

Is Buddy Stephens still coaching at EMCC?

Wofford Oran ” Buddy ” Stephens Jr. is an American football coach who is currently the head coach at East Mississippi Community College , where he has won five NJCAA national championships and coached players such as NFL players Chad Kelly and Jarran Reed. He has won more games at EMCC than any other coach in history.

What is Buddy Stephens salary?


Who is the head coach of EMCC?

Buddy Stephens

Where is Marcus Wood from Last Chance U?

Former EMCC football standout and successful gridiron coach Marcus Wood continues to make the efficient transition into the administrative phase of his career at East Mississippi Community College.

Why did Brittany Wagner leave EMCC?

Due to her position, she worked closely with members of the EMCC junior college (JUCO) football team. Following two winning seasons at EMCC , Last Chance U moved on to Coach Jason Brown and Independence Community College for season 3. During that time, Wagner left her job at EMCC to move on to new endeavors.

Why is Jason Brown going to jail?

‘Last Chance U’ Star Jason Brown Facing Blackmail, Identity Theft Charges. Former Independence Community College head football coach Jason Brown , who starred on Season 3 of the hit Netflix series Last Chance U, is facing eight felony charges for blackmail and identity theft.

What is the buddy rule?

In fact, according to The A.V. Club’s review of Last Chance U, there’s a locally enforced “mercy” rule that allows the second half of junior college football games to be accelerated if one team is crushing the other, and it’s colloquially known as the ” Buddy rule ” because of Stephens’ coaching prowess with the Lions.

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How old is Brittany Wagner EMCC?

41 years old

How much did Jason Brown make at ICC?

1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, . . . Brown’s annual compensation through June 30, 2018, was $65,900 , Effective July 1, 2018, ICC increased Brown’s annual salary to $76,000 . Additionally, ICC provided Brown with two “performance bonuses.” The first bonus was a $10,000 lump sum payment paid on or before Jan.

Who won the juco national championship in 2016?

Garden City

Is EMCC a d1?

EMCC competes at the NJCAA Division I level in football and basketball while participating at the Division II level in baseball, softball and men’s golf. The College’s athletic teams in football and basketball currently compete within the MACJC’s North Division.

Has anyone from Last Chance U made it to the NFL?

C.J. Reavis made his NFL debut in November 2018, becoming the first Last Chance U figure to appear in a professional game. After being waived in 2019, Reavis signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

Why did Marcus Wood step down?

Stephens abruptly stripped Wood of his play-calling duties after Wood mistakenly called for a timeout when he thought the Lions had too many men on the field. Wood , the only coach left from when Stephens arrived at Scooba, stepped down after the season to take on a fundraising job.

Who died on Last Chance U?

Isaiah Wright, running back, season two Last Chance U already showed us Wright’s unfortunate JUCO exit: he was charged with one count of criminal homicide for the stabbing and death of 18-year-old Caleb Thomas Radford.

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Where is Bobby Bruce now?

Bobby didn’t play for a while but eventually made a move to Arena Football team Manatee Neptunes, where he has played as the team’s linebacker from May 2019. It now looks as if Bobby is no longer playing football.