Chuck noll coaching record

How many years did Chuck Noll coach?

23 seasons

Who was the coach before Chuck Noll?


# Name Term
14 Chuck Noll †* 1969–1991*
15 Bill Cowher †* 1992–2006*
16 Mike Tomlin +* 2007–present*

What year did Chuck Noll die?

How many games did Chuck Noll win?

209 games

Is Chuck Noll alive?

Deceased (1932–2014)

Where is Chuck Noll buried?

The legendary coach behind the Steelers dynasty, Chuck Noll came to be a revered man in Pittsburgh. When he died in 2014, he was laid to rest at Christ Our Redeemer Catholic Cemetery on Cemetery Lane in Ross Township.

How old is Bill Cowher’s?

63 years (May 8, 1957)

What college did Mike Tomlin attend?

William & Mary

Is Chuck Noll in the hall of fame?


What was Steelers originally called?

The Pittsburgh Steelers were founded by Arthur J. Rooney on July 8, 1933. Now the seventh-oldest franchise in the NFL, the Pittsburgh team was known as the Pirates until 1940.

What was the original name of the Steelers?

Pittsburgh Pirates

Where did Chuck Noll go to college?

University of Dayton

Where is Chuck Noll from?

Cleveland, OH

What did the Steelers move into in 1970?

Two significant changes took place in 1970 . The Steelers moved from the NFL Century Division to the AFC Central with the merger of the American Football League and the NFL. The Steelers also moved into a new home as Three Rivers Stadium opened.

What team did Jimmy Johnson coach for?

Miami Dolphins Head coach, 1996–1999 Dallas Cowboys Head coach, 1989–1993 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football Assistant Coach, 1965–1965