Basketball coaching tips

What makes a good basketball coach?

A great coach needs to be involved, not only on the court but also off. They should be able to instill discipline and understand the individual personalities of their players. They should be aware of a player’s personal background, school work, and home life.

How do you coach basketball for beginners?

With all that in mind, these are a few of my thoughts on coaching young players. Be organized. Get an assistant coach , or be one. Spacing. Move the ball from side to side. 5.. Don’t teach them plays, teach them how to play. Play man-to-man defense, not zone. Coach – don’t referee.

What makes a bad basketball coach?

Bad coaches make sure the bench knows how unimportant they are. Most of your time should be spent ignoring these players. They are on the bench and, therefore, not important to the team. When you ignore them long enough, they might begin to lose enthusiasm for the game and stop cheering.

What are the 5 fundamentals of basketball?

The Five Basic Skills of Basketball Dribbling . Dribbling is an important skill for all basketball players. Shooting . In order to score points in basketball, you need to shoot the ball into the hoop. Running. Running is a big part of basketball. Passing . Passing is another skill that when mastered can help you become a complete basketball player. Jumping.

What are the three roles of a coach?

Typical responsibilities include: teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques. monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and constructive feedback. identifying strengths and weaknesses. advising about health and lifestyle issues. developing training programmes.

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What age is too late to start basketball?

It is never too late to play any sport – PERIOD. The same applies for basketball. If you are looking to start at 40, please do so. Or if its a younger age like 8–10 years old or in college when you’ve seen and are interested in the sport please pick up the ball or join a group and play.

What is the basic skills of basketball?

Basketball skills can be broken down into two primary categories: Offensive skills: shooting , rebounding, passing , and dribbling . Defensive skills: blocking, stealing, and again, rebounding.

How do you coach a 7 year old in basketball?

Level 1 ( 7 to 10 Year Olds ) Lay ups – You should practice lots of lay ups with both hands. Footwork – Teach them triple threat positioning, pivoting on their left and right foot without traveling, jump stops, and to square to the basket as soon as they catch the ball in a triple threat position.

How do you coach a 7th grade girl basketball?

Best All Around Advice for Middle School Basketball Coaches 1) Keep things fun! 2) Allow your players to be successful! 3) Don’t neglect the inexperienced kids. 4) Teach life lessons in your practices. 5) Make sure your players have a solid foundation! 6) Fix shooting form NOW! 7 ) Focus on the fundamentals.

How can I learn basic basketball skills?

Coach’s Guide: Teaching the Fundamentals of the Game DRIBBLING. As with all basketball skills , the only way to get better at dribbling is by practicing. COACHING TIP. Set up four or five chairs or cones down the middle of the court. REBOUNDING. PRACTICE TIP. SHOOTING. PRACTICE TIP. PASSING. COACHING TIP (NELL’s FAVORITE)

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What is bad coaching?

Typically, a bad coach : Ignores safety and health issues of the child or team. Allows kids to badmouth or bully each other. Plays favourites. Withholds information from parents or tells children not to tell parents what occurs at practices or games.

How do you handle coach favoritism?

What to do if your coach is playing favorites Communicate with the Coach . If your athlete is looking for more opportunity, the first step is to identify what they can do to change the situation. Put in the Extra Time. Stay Positive, take the team-first approach. Be seen, make an impact. Work at having fun.

Should a coach yell at his players?

Yes, in the heat of battle in a game, coaches are going to raise their voice to help guide their team to success. But yelling and screaming with the intent of embarrassing or humiliating their players really doesn’t work, no matter how thick-skinned the player is.