How to make your instagram account a business account

How do I create a business account for Instagram?

How to Create An Instagram Business Account in 5 Easy Steps From your existing profile in the mobile app, tap on settings. Click on “Edit Profile.” Choose Switch to Professional Account . Choose Business (curious about Creator accounts ?).

How do I change my personal Instagram account to a business account?

Making the switch is pretty easy. Navigate to your profile in Instagram (for mobile), and under Account Settings you’ll see an option called “Switch to Business Profile .” You will then be asked to log into Facebook within the app. After that, you’ll be asked to select which Facebook page you want to connect.

Why can’t I make my Instagram a business account?

Make sure your profile is set to Public! If your profile is currently set to Private on Instagram , you won’t be able to switch to a business profile. If you don’t see your business ‘ Facebook Page as an option, make sure that you’re listed as an admin in the settings menu.

Is my Instagram account a business account?

Your Instagram account is now a business account and you can use the analytics, ads, and sponsored posts to take your Instagram game to the next level.

Is an Instagram business account free?

Business profiles are a free feature for accounts wanting to be recognized as a business on Instagram . Business profiles will only be open to those who already have a Facebook Page for their business .

Should I make my Instagram a business account?

Users interested in closely understanding who their followers are, when they’re active on Instagram and where they’re located (to name a few details) should consider switching to business profiles. You can leverage this valuable information to optimize your content.

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Can I have a personal and business account on Instagram?

Personal accounts allow you to link multiple Facebook pages and profiles. They’re really trying to keep personal posts and business posts separate, so if you want to share a post from Instagram to Facebook, it has to be a business account to a business page.

What does switching to a business account on Instagram mean?

An Instagram business profile gives you access to promoted posts and Instagram ads, providing you with tools to grow your reach and engagement. Instagram ads use the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook, so you can set up, run, and track campaigns the same way you do with Facebook ads.

How much does Instagram business cost?

On average, businesses can expect to pay between $0.20 to $6.70. How much your company pays will depend on your bidding model, like CPC or CPM, and how well Instagram scores your ad. If you want to learn more about the cost of Instagram ads, keep reading!

Is Instagram professional account the same as business account?

Professional Accounts can be both Business or Creator Accounts on Instagram . Converting to a professional account will limit your ability to take certain actions on Instagram . If you’d like to switch the Facebook Page you’re able to share Instagram posts to, you’ll need to convert back to a personal account .

What’s the difference between creator and business account Instagram?

But, what’s the difference between Instagram Business and Creator accounts ? Creator accounts work well for personal brands and influencers, while Business accounts are meant for brands and influencers who have already built in their monetization strategy.

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What can Instagram business accounts see?

You’ll only see insights for posts and stories you’ve posted since you converted to a professional account . Instagram Insights help you learn more about your followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram . For example, you’ll find insights such as gender, age range and location.