How to change facebook business category

Can I change my Facebook business page category?

In the Admin Panel, click Edit Page ; then click Update Info. You arrive at the Basic Information tab. You can edit the category , subcategory, and name of your business Page . To change the category of your business Page , click the first drop-down menu, and make your choice.

How would you categorize your business Facebook?

These are: Local Business or Place. Company , Organization or Institution. Brand or Product. Artist, Band or Public Figure. Entertainment. Cause or Community.

How do I change my Facebook page from business to nonprofit?

Then, click “ Edit Page Info”. Under the “General” tab, start typing in “ Nonprofit Organization” into the “Categories” section and select it from the dropdown list. Then, save your changes. Now, go back to your Facebook page . Then, choose the option marked “Shop with you or make a donation“. A menu will open up.

How do I change my Facebook page Category 2020?

To edit your Page’s category : From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Go to your Page . Click Edit Page Info on the left side of your Page . Next to Categories , type in up to 3 categories and select an option from the dropdown list that appears. Click Save Changes.

Why can’t I change my Facebook business page name?

Submit It Other page roles aren’t able to change Facebook page names . You can change those settings by clicking on Settings and then Page Roles on the left. If you’re an admin and you still don’t see the Continue option, double-check to make sure that someone didn’t try to change the name within the past few days.

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What are all the Facebook page categories?

When you first go to create a page, there are six large boxes to pick from. These are “Local Business or Place”, “Company, Organization or Institution”, “Brand or Product”, “Artist, Band or Public Figure ”, “ Entertainment ”, and “Cause or Community”.

Should I create a business or community page on Facebook?

So if you’re a big fan of Snickers bars, you will create a community page for other people to discuss that official Snickers page . So for your business , you definitely want official page and just choose the closest most accurate category whether you’re a local business , a brand or a public figure.

How do I add categories to my shop on Facebook?

Add Collections to a Facebook Page Shop On a computer, click the Shop tab on your Facebook Page. Click Add Collection. From Publishing Tools, click + Add Collection. Name the collection, choose if you want it to be publicly visible and decide if you want this collection to be featured first in your Facebook Page shop . Click Save when you’re done.

How do you edit a Facebook business page?

If you need to go back in to make more edits, simply click on your Facebook Business Page “Our Story ” and hit the “ Edit Story ” button on the top right corner of the image. Facebook allows you to make edits with basic word processing features, like H1, H2, bullets, numbers, HTML edits, quote block, and adding a photo.

How do I change my Facebook page to a shop?

On a computer, select the Shop tab on your Facebook Page . Select the drop-down and choose Settings. Once you adjust your Facebook Page shop settings, select Save.

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How do I change the About section on my Facebook business page?

To update your About section : Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook . Click About. Click or next to the information you’d like to update. Select an audience and click Save.

How do I know if my FB page is a business page?

If you go to your Facebook page , you’ll now find a gray check mark next to your business name to indicate your page is verified. Your Facebook page should now have a gray check mark, signifying it has been verified.

How do I monetize my Facebook page?

Rules for Monetization Marketing objectives. Build your presence. Create awareness. Drive discovery. Generate leads. Boost sales. Facebook Pages. Get started with Pages. Setting up your Page . Manage your Facebook Page . Promote your Page . Facebook ads. Get started with ads. Buying Facebook ads. Ad formats. Ad placement.

Can you rename a page on Facebook?

Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left. Click Page Info in the left column. Click your Page’s name. Enter a new Page name and click outside page name box.