Which one of the following is considered to be a nonmarket stakeholder of business?

What are the four types of stakeholders?

A narrow mapping of a company’s stakeholders might identify the following stakeholders : Employees. Communities. Shareholders . Creditors. Investors. Government. Customers. Owners.

Which of the following would be considered a stakeholder?

Typical stakeholders are investors, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, governments, or trade associations. An entity’s stakeholders can be both internal or external to the organization.

What stakeholder group’s can exercise legal power?

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What stakeholder group ( s ) can exercise legal power ? Customers, Employees, Shareholders
The “agency problem” arises when: Managers act in their own interest, rather than in the interest of shareholders.

Which argument says that stakeholder management realistically depicts how companies really work?

The normative argument for the stakeholder theory of the firm says that the stakeholder view is simply a more realistic description of how companies really work .

Who is the most important stakeholder?

Shareholders / owners are the most important stakeholders as they control the business. If they are unhappy than they can sack its directors or managers, or even sell the business to someone else. No business can ignore its customers . If it can’t sell its products, it won’t make a profit and will go bankrupt.

Why are stakeholders so important?

Importance means the priority given to satisfying stakeholders ‘ needs and interests from being involved in the design of the project and in the project itself in order for it to be successful. Secondly, influence and power of a stakeholder can affect the success or failure of an initiative.

How do you identify stakeholders in a business?

Here’s how to create a stakeholder list: Analyze the project documentation. Look for people, groups, departments, customers, and project team members affected by the project. Pull project team members together to brainstorm about other affected parties that aren’t included in the documentation. Make a stakeholder list.

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What is another word for stakeholder?

Synonyms for collaborator. colleague. partner. shareholder. associate. contributor. participant. team member.

What is difference between stakeholder and shareholder?

Shareholders are always stakeholders in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders . A shareholder owns part of a public company through shares of stock, while a stakeholder has an interest in the performance of a company for reasons other than stock performance or appreciation.

What is a stakeholder map Why is it a useful tool?

Stakeholder mapping is the visual process of laying out all the stakeholders of a product, project, or idea on one map . The main benefit of a stakeholder map is to get a visual representation of all the people who can influence your project and how they are connected.

Who are Uber’s relevant market and non market stakeholders in this situation?

Who are ubers relevant market and non market stakeholders in this situation ? Market stakeholders – include all those entities which work towards making company operations a success. so in this case the market stakeholders were the uber dirver, the customer and the american insurance association.

Which element of stakeholder salience refers to the degree of broad societal acceptance?

Which aspect of stakeholder salience refers to the degree of broad societal acceptance ? Legitimacy.

When a community group sues a company for health effects caused by the unsafe disposal of toxic chemicals This is an exercise of a stakeholder’s?

When a community group sues a company for health effects caused by the unsafe disposal of toxic chemicals, this is an exercise of a stakeholder’s : Selected Answer: Correct Legal power.