Which of the following types of venue is favored by small-business retailers?

Why is it difficult to compare relative job growth for different sized businesses?

Why is it difficult to compare relative job growth for different – sized businesses ? It is hard to determine the cutoff point at which a small business becomes a large business . Attitudes towards risk-taking in business are culturally determined.

What is the advantage to starting a business from scratch instead of buying an existing business quizlet?

What is the advantage to starting a business from scratch instead of buying an existing business ? There are no constraints imposed by the previous owner’s decisions.

What industry group is the fastest growing segment of small business enterprise?

Trucking companies

What is a major drawback of accepting venture capital?

Answer and Explanation: The major drawback of accepting venture capital is that the business owner loses some control over the company.

Which of the following is the most significant recent trend in small business start ups?

one of the most significant recent trends in small – business start – ups is the rapid emergence of electronic commerce.

What is the most significant disadvantage of owning a franchise?

No Control. The first and most significant disadvantage of a franchise is the fact that the franchisee has no control of the business or how it is run (or very limited control). The rules of the business are already established and part of the franchise agreement.

What is the most important source of money for new business start ups?

Loans are the most important sources of money for new businesses .

What features of corporations help them to attract capital?

These characteristics are as follows: Capital acquisition. It can be easier for a corporation to acquire debt and equity, since it is not constrained by the financial resources of a few owners. Dividends. Double taxation. Life span . Limited liability. Ownership. Professional management. Separate entity.

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What is the biggest advantage of incorporating?

Liability Protection Protection from personal liability is often seen as the greatest advantage of incorporating your business. While sole proprietorships and partnerships can be simple to enter into and dissolve, the owner is liable for any debts or losses the business incurs.

What are some characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

Here are 15 characteristics you can improve to become a successful entrepreneur: Creativity . Passion . Motivation . Creativity. Becoming an entrepreneur starts with an idea. Passion. Motivation. Product or service knowledge. Ability to network. Self-confidence. Optimism. Vision.

What is a growing business?

A growth company is any company whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy. A growth company tends to have very profitable reinvestment opportunities for its own retained earnings.

Which of the following types of businesses is most common in the United States?

The correct option is: C) Sole proprietorships The most common type of business in the United States is Sole Proprietors . The sole proprietor is in demand because it is the simplest form of business controlled by a single person.

Why would an organization divest some of its existing business operations?

There may be several reasons for such a step. A firm might decide, for example, that it should focus more specifically on its core businesses , and thus it will sell off unrelated or underperforming businesses . Such a sale is called a divestiture .

What does an entrepreneur use to summarize his or her business strategy for a proposed new venture?

business plan: Document in which the entrepreneur summarizes her or his business strategy for the proposed new venture and how that strategy will be implemented. chief executive officer (CEO): The person responsible for the firm’s overall performance.