What does due course of business mean

Whats does due mean?

adjective. owed at present; having reached the date for payment: This bill is due . owing or owed, irrespective of whether the time of payment has arrived: This bill is due next month. owing or observed as a moral or natural right.

What does timescale mean in business?

countable noun. The timescale of an event is the length of time during which it happens or develops. These companies are likely to show excellent profits on a two-year time scale .

Will be paid in due course?

payment made at or after the maturity of a BILL OF EXCHANGE to the holder of the bill by a payer in good faith and without notice that the holder’s title might be defective. When a bill is paid by the drawer or indorser it is not discharged and the party paying may have rights on it.

How do you use in due course in a sentence?

In due course the baby was born. Applicants will be called for interview in due course . Your request will be dealt with in due course . Further details will be announced in due course . I shall answer your letter in due course . You will receive notification of the results in due course .

What is due to a person?

Apt, likely, or set to do something. I think you should try to sell your house now, as the skyrocketing prices in this area are due to drop soon. 3. Owed to someone . I never got my last paycheck, so I have money due to me!

What should I say instead of due?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR DUE TO as. as a result of. as long as. as things go. being. by cause of. by reason of. by virtue of.

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What is timescale in project management?

A timescale can be the identified date(s) on which you need to do a task. It can also be the amount of time you expect to need in order to complete the task.

Why are timescales important?

Time Management is essentially the ability to organize and plan the time spent on activities in a day. The result of good time management is increased effectiveness and productivity. It is a key aspect of project management and involves skills such as planning, setting goals and prioritizing for a better performance.

What does timescale mean?

: an arrangement of events used as a measure of the relative or absolute duration or antiquity of a period of history or geologic or cosmic time.

How long is due course of time?

in due course . If you say that something will happen or take place in due course , you mean that you cannot make it happen any quicker and it will happen when the time is right for it.

What is payment in due course?

“ Payment in due course ” means payment in accordance with the apparent tenor of the instrument in good faith and without negligence to any person in possession thereof under circumstances which do not afford a reasonable ground for believing that he is not entitled to receive payment of the amount therein mentioned.

How long is due time?

Most pregnancies last around 40 weeks (or 38 weeks from conception), so typically the best way to estimate your due date is to count 40 weeks, or 280 days, from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

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What is the meaning of in due course?

all in good time

What is due cause?

Due Cause . , means a material breach by a dealer of a lawful provision of a franchise or selling agreement that is not cured within a reasonable period of time after being given prior written notice of the specific material breach.

What due diligence means?

reasonable care and caution