What does ar stand for in business

What does the abbreviation AR stand for?

AR ​Definitions and Synonyms ​abbreviation. Other entries for this word. + AR noun at augmented reality . DEFINITIONS1.

What does AR stand for in meetings?

virtual and augmented reality

What does AR stand for in school?

Accelerated Reader

What does the name AR mean?

Awakening, uncovering

What is AR in legal terms?

Rehabilitation. DIVERSIONARY PROGRAM. The Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program ( AR ) is available to defendants and veterans who are charged with certain crimes or motor vehicle violations if the court believes that those defendants will probably not commit more crimes in the future.

What does VR stand for?

Virtual reality

What is the full form of AR ammo?

Assault Rifles (AR Ammo) Groza. M249.

What does Al stand for in states?

United States postal abbreviations for states , military, commonwealths, and territories. US State : Abbreviation: Alabama . AL .

What is AR medical term?

Aortic regurgitation ( AR ) is the diastolic flow of blood from the aorta into the left ventricle (LV). Regurgitation is due to incompetence of the aortic valve or any disturbance of the valvular apparatus (eg, leaflets, annulus of the aorta) resulting in the diastolic flow of blood into the left ventricular chamber.

What are AR classes?

AR Programs at the Lab Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that blends the real world with the virtual world by augmenting objects or environments with computer-generated elements.

What does Lea mean?

Local educational agency

Is ar a real word?

Yes, ar is in the scrabble dictionary.

What name starts with ar?

Browse names beginning with Ar: Ara (girl) Ara (boy) Arabel (girl) Arabela (girl) Arabella (girl) Arabelle (girl) Arabian (boy) Araceli (girl)