How to start a laser tag business

How much does a laser tag set cost?

Laser Tag games start every 15 minutes, with up to 40 players per game. Individual Games.

Number of Games Price Member Price
1 Laser Game $12.50 $10.50
2 Laser Games + 15 mins of arcades $24.00 $20.00

What do you need for laser tag?

Colors and Layers: What to Wear for Laser Tag Wear dark-colored clothes. Light colors will make you stand out and turn you into an easier target. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! Dress in layers. Hydrate! Please wear deodorant!

What are the rules for laser tag?

Laser Tag Rules No Running. No Physical Contact. Hold Laser With Both Hands. No Climbing. Players must be careful when maneuvering around interior arena walls. Please let us know if any of your guests suffer from the following: Asthma, epilepsy or suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights.

Is laser tag still popular?

And laser tag is for just about everyone, which is why the number of laser tag facilities has grown nearly 70 percent in the last decade. Laser tag for adults is growing in popularity for corporate events, fun team building activities, or just team bonding activities for friends and family.

Can laser tag hurt you?

The equipment used for playing the game use infrared light instead of real lasers meaning they won’t damage human eyes. However, laser tag is physically demanding just like any other sports activity. You can get hurt by falling or tripping while playing laser tag if you run carelessly and don’t follow the rules.

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What age is laser tag appropriate for?

five years

How do you always win at laser tag?

10 Tips to Win at Laser Tag What to wear. The ultimate colour to wear to play laser tag is neon. Learn the layout. You don’t want to be that guy that stays in the corner the entire game. Keeping shooting. Don’t stop shooting! Don’t forget to move. Don’t abuse the rest times. The perfect target. Shooting to get your target. Defend yourself.

How many lives do you have in laser tag?

one life

Can you wear shorts to laser tag?

Whether you ‘re playing laser tag inside or out, you should choose clothing that is comfortable and also conceals you . Choose a pair of pants , shorts , leggings or exercise pants that will allow you to be flexible and move easily as you run and maneuver throughout the game.

Is laser tag dangerous to eyes?

What they may not know is this: When operated unsafely, or without certain controls, the highly-concentrated light from lasers —even those in toys—can be dangerous , causing serious eye injuries and even blindness. And not just to the person using a laser , but to anyone within range of the laser beam.

How long does laser tag last?

15 minutes

What is the best color to wear in laser tag?

Dressing to Win in Laser Tag Always wear darker shades of colour . Dark blue and black are the recommended colours for indoor laser tag , whereas neutral and camouflage hues can go well for outdoor laser sport. If you are planning to win the game, don’t show up with sparkles. Comfortable shoes are necessary.

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How accurate are laser tag guns?

Older children tend to be more accurate when sending out long-range laser missiles. We found that some guns were not as accurate at distances over 100 feet. Most of the blasters we examined were capable of hitting targets from distances between 100 and 300 feet.

Does laser tag use real lasers?

Laser tag guns don’t use lasers (usually), rather they use infra-red beams of light. There are a few reasons why these systems use infrared light beams rather than real lasers . First, lasers are dangerous to use , especially in gun form.

Why Laser tag is the best?

The best thing about Laser Tags is that they do not hurt! There are no projectiles and the harmless laser beams are safe, making the games ideal even for younger children. Paintballs can really hurt and as fun as they might be, they are not the best option especially for younger kids.