How to start a dog sitting business

Is a pet sitting business profitable?

Insurance should be considered an expense against profits , along with transportation costs, supplies, and time spent. However, even after expenses, pet sitters stand to make a healthy living. Part-time pet sitting can also be a profitable second job, often bringing in up to $20,000 annually.

What qualifications do you need to be a pet sitter?

Qualifications and training Whist there are no specific qualifications required to become a dog walker/pet sitter, having qualifications in areas such as animal first aid , animal behaviour, or animal care, will enhance your professional standing.

How much do dog sitters make per night?

Pet sitters charge an average of $25 per 30-minute visit, $20 to $30 per day, $45 to $75 per night, or $250 to $375 per week. Rates depend on the services requested, if you need 24-hour pet care or service on holidays, and if you have additional pets.

How much should I charge for dog sitting per day?

Pet Sitting = $25-35 per night. Dog Walking = $10-25 per session. House Visits = $15-25 per visit. Doggy Day Care = $20- 40 per day .

How much does pet sitter insurance cost?

A basic pet sitting insurance policy from PCI starts at $139/year.

How much should I charge for overnight pet sitting?

How much does a pet sitter cost? Pet sitters charge $25 to $30 a day on average , depending on the services involved. The average cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight pet – sitting costs $75 to $85.

Can a 14 year old pet sit?

Technically, by law, your not even aloud to stay home by yourself. You can start babysitting or pet sitting at 14 . You don’t have to have a car your parents can drop off and pick you up.

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Do you need insurance to be a pet sitter?

What insurance do pet sitters ‘ need ? Public liability insurance offers protection against an incidence such as a pet in your care escaping from the garden and damaging a neighbour’s property. Personal accident insurance safeguards your income, should you have an accident or injury yourself and be unable to work.

How much should I charge to dog sit for a week UK?

How much does pet sitting cost ? Pet sitting in the UK costs an average of £10 to £15 per hour. This rate can vary depending on the level of care your pet needs. For instance, a dog may require multiple walks whereas a fish or small animal may just need a pet sitter to come by and feed them.

Do pet sitters stay overnight?

Can a pet sitter stay at my home all day or overnight ? Some pet sitters do offer live-in and/or overnight care. Live-in daytime care is less common, because most pet sitters have pet sits and daytime walks they need to do for other clients all throughout each day.

How much does it cost to board a dog for a week?

Average dog boarding rates are $25 per day, $40 per night, $150 per week , or $500 per month depending on where you live, the size of your dog, and how long of a stay your pet needs. Many boarding kennels offer special rates for 5-, 10- and 25-day stays and have discounts up to 50% when boarding multiple dogs.

How much should I pay a friend to dog sit?

Depends very much on how long your friends will be watching your dog and how good a friendship you have. A professional dog sitter charges between $10 and $15 in my expensive area. If they refuse to answer, call a pet sitting service and find out how much they charge, then pay that.

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How much does a dog sitter make a year?

Pet Sitter Salaries

Job Title Salary Pet Sitter salaries – 2 salaries reported $815/mo Pet Sitter salaries – 2 salaries reported $23,882/yr
DFW Pet Sitting Services Pet Sitter salaries – 2 salaries reported $16/hr
Paws To Play Pet Sitter salaries – 2 salaries reported $17/hr

How much should I pay someone to house sit?

If you’re going to pay them, don’t make it weird Don’t ask them how much they want and don’t give them an awkwardly small amount. Leaving $10 on the counter is not going to show how much you care. A general rule is to give your house – sitter 75 per cent of how much you would have had to pay a service.