How to share post from business page to personal page

How do I share a post from my business page to my personal page on Facebook 2019?

Share that post from your Business Page to your personal timeline to promote your business in a helpful way. Select “ Share ” at the bottom of the post , then at the top of the resulting window select “ Share on your own timeline” instead of “ Share on a Page you manage”.

How do I share a post from my business page to another business page?

From the Home screen select the business page . Open up ‘ Posts to page ‘ and ‘ Share ‘ the post you want to go to your business timeline. On the ‘confirm’ pop up, pull down the ‘On your own timeline’ and change to ‘On the page you manage’. Then select the actual business page from your selection if you have more than one.

Why can’t I share a post from my personal page to my business page?

Make sure the first pull-down menu says Share On A Page You Manage. If it doesn’t, click on the arrow and select this option. Next, make sure the second pull-down menu directly below displays your Page (especially if you manage more than one). Change the third pull-down menu to the right so you are Posting As yourself.

How do I share a post from my page to my timeline?

Share a post from your Page to your personal Profile Timeline Sign in to your personal Facebook Profile . type in your Page in the Facebook search box and open (you are now viewing your FB Page as you personally, you’ll see your FB profile image in the top right and in the comment box) now when you Like, Comment or Share you will be using your “personal” voice not the Page voice.

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How do I share my Facebook page on another page?

To share a Page with friends: From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Select the Page you’d like to share with your friends. Click below the Page’s cover photo and select Share . Click next to Sharing to at the top to select where you want to share the Page and select Specific Friends.

How do I post as my Facebook page on another page?

To like or comment on another Page’s post as your Page : From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Go to the Page post you want to like or comment on. Click your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the post . Select the Page you want to like or comment as. Like or comment on the post .

How do I add a share button to my Facebook business page?

To add a Facebook Share button : Click Add on the left side of the Editor. Click Social. Under Facebook , click the Facebook Share button to add it, or drag it to the relevant location.

How do I post from my business page to a different group on Facebook?

Facebook Go to your Page and click Settings. Click on Edit Page . Scroll down to look at the tabs. Click on “Add a Tab” at the bottom. Select “ Groups ” Now drag the Groups Tab up the list. Click on Settings. The url shows where all the Groups connected. Go back to the Page and see how your Groups tab now shows up in the left hand nav.

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How do I share my business page to a group?

Decide where to Share : You can share on your own personal Timeline, on a Friend’s Timeline, in a group , on another Page for which you’re an Admin, or in a private Facebook Message. Click the drop-down menu to choose which one you want.

How do I post to my Facebook business page?

How to Post on Your Facebook Business Page Go to your Page . Enter your text in the Write a Post section. Once you are finished with your post , select Share Now.

How do I post on two Facebook pages at once?

To post new content to multiple pages at the same time : Click Create Post or go to the Home tab and click Post something Click Post Video Across Pages . Choose a primary Page to upload your video. Choose the other Pages you want your video to post to. Upload , edit, then publish or schedule your video posts .

Why doesn’t my Facebook page have a share button?

If no ‘ Share ‘ button appears on a post – it is because of the Privacy Settings of the original post. If a post is set for ‘Friends Only’ (perhaps this is your Default Timeline setting) – it will not be available for ‘ Sharing ‘ around on Facebook beyond that setting.