How to link wordpress blog to facebook business page

How do I link my Facebook page to my blog?

Launch your Web browser. Scroll through your blog posts locate the post that you want to share on Facebook . Click the blog post’s title to go to the post page . Sign in to your Facebook account. Paste the blog post URL link into the “What’s On Your Mind” input field.

How do I share my WordPress blog?

To activate sharing buttons, navigate to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing. Here, under Sharing buttons, turn on the Add sharing buttons to your posts button. Next, from your WordPress menu, select Settings → Sharing. Under Sharing Buttons, drag the services appropriate to your website into the Enabled Services box.

How do I integrate Facebook with WordPress?

5 Ways to Integrate WordPress with Facebook Add Facebook reactions to WordPress . Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’re likely familiar with Facebook reactions. Display page feeds in your posts and pages. Enable users to log in using their Facebook profiles. Add a Facebook Like widget. Show your Facebook comments in WordPress .

Can I blog on my Facebook page?

We all know that Facebook can be a great marketing tool for businesses large and small if used correctly, and blogging on Facebook is one of the marketing options it can offer. Facebook reintroduced the Facebook Notes feature a couple of years ago, giving business page owners the option to create long, blog -like posts.

What is the difference between a blog and a Facebook page?

The main difference between Facebook and a blog is that the blog content is in your control while Facebook content is out of your control. On FB , you cannot: Search your own stuff. Change the status of any of your posts.

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How do I automatically share my WordPress blog posts on Facebook?

How to Automatically Post to Facebook From WordPress Create an IFTTT account. On the IFTTT Facebook page, click Connect to add your Facebook account. On the IFTTT WordPress page, click Connect to add your WordPress account. Now, go back to the IFTTT WordPress page and click Automatically share new posts to a Facebook page. Click Connect.

How do I add social media icons to my WordPress blog?

Add the Social Icons Widget Head to My Sites → Design → Customize → Widgets. Select the widget area to which you’d like to add social icons and click Add a Widget. Find the Social Icons widget and click the title to add it. Choose a title for your Widget. Choose a size for your social icons : Small, Medium, or Large.

Is it possible to add and manage multilevel categories in WordPress?

Make Use of WordPress Multilevel Categories ! You can add new categories and sub- categories in both posts’ edit screen and the Categories page. Not only can you edit and delete the categories but you are also able to password protect multilevel categories .

How do I integrate Facebook into my website?

To get the Facebook embed code from a post, simply: Choose the post you want to show. Click on the top right-hand corner options menu and choose “embed post” Copy and paste the code into your blog or website .

How do I add Facebook to my WordPress site without plugins?

Adding like Box Manually Without using any Plugin It is possible to add Facebook like box manually without using any plugin . Go to Facebook Social Plugin’s Like Box page . Provide the URL of your Facebook page and configure the looks of the like box. Press the Get Code button to get Like box code.

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How can I add a Facebook feed to my website?

Once you have the account, just follow these steps: Click on the menu “Sources” Click the top-right green button “ Add New” Select Facebook and click ‘Next’ Paste or type your Facebook Page URL and click ‘Next’ Once the feed is generated, click ‘Create Feed ‘ Copy the provided embeddable code.

How do bloggers get paid?

The two main ways bloggers get paid through ad networks are per impression or per click. Paid per impression – with these ads, the viewer does not have to click on the ad in order for the blogger to receive an income. “advertisers pay website owners based on how many people have seen their ads.

Which is better blog or Facebook page?

A blog post can be an evergreen resource for years, while a Facebook post has a steep drop-off and is virtually valueless after a week, and might as well not exist after a month. Blogs give you more control over who sees your posts.

How do I start a personal blog page on Facebook?

To create a Page on Facebook .com: Click Create near the top-right corner of your profile and select Page . Click Get Started under “Community or Public Figure.” Type the name of your blog into the ” Page Name” field. Select Personal Blog as the category. Click Continue to create your page .