How to fold business letter

What is the correct way to fold a business letter?

To fold the letter correctly , you must take the bottom 1/3 of the letter and fold it upwards towards the letterhead – it should be folded about halfway to the top. Then crease the fold . Next you fold the top down and crease that fold also.

How do you fold paper in 3?

Divide Paper into Thirds: Method 3 Fold and unfold a square sheet of paper top to bottom. Fold and unfold along the diagonal. Fold and unfold the top right corner so the crease extends from from top-left corner to where horizontal crease line meets right edge of paper . The location where the two creases intersect is the division of 1/ 3 and 2/ 3 .

How do you fold legal paper?

Lay the legal paper , printed side up, on a flat surface. Fold the bottom edge of the paper upward, creasing it across, 5 inches from the bottom. Use a ruler to make sure that the crease is exactly 5 inches from the bottom edge. This will leave the top 4 inches of the paper exposed.

How do you make your own letter envelope?

2 Ways to Fold a Letter Into Its Own Envelope Step 1: Cut to Size. Remove a half-inch of paper from the long side of your letter . Step 2: Fold in Half. Step 3: Fold Down Corners. Step 4: Fold Bottom Up. Step 5: Fold Bottom Up Again. Step 6: Fold the Top Down. Step 7: Fold the Sides. Step 8: Fold Tabs Up.

Can you make your own envelope and send it?

You can make amazing DIY envelopes out of pretty much any flat, paper-like material! All you have to do is make a template (super simple), trace around it, cut, and glue. You can easily make an envelope out of almost any foldable material, and the post office will deliver it!

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How do you make a small envelope?

Mini Origami Envelopes Step 1: Materials: Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half Diagonally. Step 3: Unfold the Triangle. Grab the point at the bottom of the paper, and fold it up into a small triangle with the top of the triangle just barely touching the diagonal fold line, crease well! Step 5: Fold the Bottom Section Upward at the Crease.

How do you fold a4 into 3?

Bend the paper in half, top to bottom, making crease #1 at the center on one edge of the paper. Bend top down to fit in crease #1 to make crease #2 (1/4 distance from the top). Reverse paper (back face), bend so crease #1 and crease #2 align and make crease # 3 halfway between them.