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"You were a huge part of the reason I'm in a better place today,"

CEO of Munch Hours, Inc. about working with Joy Passey

We help companies get clear of their company and team's objective, create an effective strategic plan, build a growth mindset, polish communication skills, improve time management, and be more accountable in order to increase prosperity with greater joy.

This is done by asking powerful questions which evoke discovery and insight into one's current thinking.

Open-ended, provocative questions invite you to move forward in a solution-focused way with your goals and agenda in close focus. Self-limiting beliefs and assumptions will be identified to open your thinking for new opportunities which you never thought were possible before.

Co-collaboration is essential for effective Business Coaching. This is a process to change behavior which will make you more profitable in business. 

We work with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs as well as Corporate Rising Stars and Executives who are serious about advancing their growth with measurable analysis and cost-effective results.

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